About Us

Our mission is to provide high-quality legal assistance at an affordable price, in which customer focus is paramount. Customer focus: we offer you a free contact moment for free initial advice. In addition, we measure customer satisfaction every year and we also offer a free evaluation meeting after every case. With the results of this, we continuously optimize our services.

Specialization is central: we choose to focus and specialize. Most of our lawyers have completed postgraduate studies in a specific jurisdiction.

Our goal is to find the solution to your problem in the shortest possible time, if possible in consultation with the other party, if necessary by means of a procedure. Your interest is our only interest!

We believe that managing the family and your own legal affairs should be as easy and mundane as using online banking. The threshold for doing your own business with a knowledgeable family lawyer is often too high. We also think that everyone should have access to legal information about their own life situation in an understandable form. Sure, legislation is available to everyone online, but how many understand it? We want to encourage people to find out about their own things, agree on them in time, and make their will and desires clear through documents.